Via Nocturna (Portugal) - Up Close With Nick Walsh


Portugese Version:

Nick Walsh is not a name entirely unknown intricacies of metal . Since the 90s that their collective have had some visibility. First with Slik Toxik and then with the Revolver. Now, with his partner Laurie-Anne Green, Walsh is back with the Famous Underground, a project that recovers your vein old school and upgrade to a sound contemporary. Let's see how the words of Nick Walsh.

Hello Nick and thank you for your time with Via Nocturna. Can you introduce Famous Underground the the Portuguese metalheads?
Well .. Famous Underground is my new band from Toronto Canada. Sound wise we are a hybrid of Hard Rock and Traditional Metal with a modern edge.

Let me remember one thing: what happened in the end of the nineties to the end of your band Slik Toxik?
Slik Toxik was a victim of the grundge era coming in and taking away the high times of our brand of rock. Also after spending many years together from a very young age we all just grew apart. Very difficult sometime to be married to so many people at once! (laughs)

But you had won a Juno Award in 1993. What memories you keep of those times?
When you get noticed by your peers and industry for achieving your goals it’s always a great feeling. It’s probably no different than a football player winning the world cup!

And when do you decided to get back to the active with this new band?
After my band Revolver I had taken a little time off to work on some new material and get inspired again. After feeling good about the songs Laurie-Anne and I decided to recruit some new members to join us in our quest for Metal glory.

You work again with you all-time bassist Laurie-Anne Green. She’s very important in your establishment with a band?
Laurie and I have been working together for more than 10 years now, it all started with Revolver. She is very integral to what we do on both a musical and business level, and has been very loyal to my vision for many years now.

Beside her, how was the selection of the other musicians?
As for everyone else, Rick got in touch with me through an email to possibly do some work with him on his own stuff. So I met with him and expressed that I liked his playing and would he like to play a benefit with us that Laurie and I were doing a guest appearance at and it went well enough so we thought we would try him with this project. Darren was brought to my attention through a mutual friend and again I liked his playing and when Laurie and I met with him we knew he was the right guy. Desche and I go way back on the Toronto scene together and that was a no brainer, no audition or anything, more like are you still playing? Great let’s do this.

This album, Famous Underground collects your 80’s roots and cross them with a more contemporaneous style of metal. Do you agree?
Absolutlely! That was and will always be the intention, to keep with our influences but in a more contemporary state. We have to maintain who we are but stay current at the same time.

Dead Wight was the song chosen to shoot a videoclip. Why did you choose that song?
This song was chosen as a cross over single because we felt that it represented the dark and light side of the F.U. sound.

I notice that you will play a show to support autism. You are a man of human causes?
Yes, we like to bring awareness to certain things in the world through our songs and have participated in different benefits that we feel we may be able to affectively help out with.

Next year you will come to Europe. What expectations?
The main thing is to get exposure for our live show. We are all about bring a tightly executed performance to the masses. We want to get to the fans but also the press, its one thing to hear an album but to see it performed live is a shared experience.

But, before that you will have a Canadian tour, right?
We are doing a handful of shows here in Canada in the coming months, however our primary focus will be the European market. That’s where our management, record label and most of our press are, so it only makes sense for us to get over there as soon as possible.

And what will be the event an evening with metal on ice in October? You will play with some other Canadian hard rock legends…
This is going to be one hell of an experience to be on stage with such legendary performers. Some of the people involved were people I grew up listening to. I had the fortune of co-writing the theme song for the CD and producing these legends. It all stems from a book that was written by my friend Sean Kelly (Gilby Clarke, Revolver, Crash Kelly) and has now turned into a CD and a live event.

Finally, let me thank you once again, for this time and give you the opportunity of saying something else that has not been addressed in this interview ...

Via Nocturna want to thank you for your interest in the band and let the people of Portugal know that if they have the opportunity to see and hear Famous undergorund and are fans of metal and rock will not leave disappointed. Congrats!