Metallian Magazine (France)

Review by Metallian Magazine (France)

"Famous Underground is lead by none other than Nick Walsh of Slik Toxik. That Canadian band was doing the nasty back when it was hip. Implications? Prejudice as far as the band's sound. First glance, things look great. Walsh still has a rocking long mane as do two others (one lady and one gent) in the band. OK, what about the music then? Sadly, the biography name checks all the wrong bands. They are all mallcore no-talent and no-riff bands. How bad is Famous Underground? Not that bad. Phew, thank goodness. I knew long hair stands for something (good).

It sounds like FU is mingling the hard rock action of music's heyday with the new. Indeed, there is some Disturbed and mallcore here. Then there is Megadeth and Metallica. Thank metal god there is good old hard and heavy rock there too though. This band used to be called Revolver, which reminds me how the last Slik Toxik album was pushing grunge. Wasteland is a heavy tune and kicks in the album. Let me share with you the sound production that is nearly ideal and perfect. The sole standout is the artificial 'drum' bang. Overdive borrows from Metallica in the melody and Megadeth in the riff and vocals department. This song is easily not one of my favourites. Forever And A Day has that acoustic Poison ballad feel. It is strange that Walsh sings of the "Lord Above" (as he does in Wasteland) when Necropolis points to the foolishness of singing of gods. Much more importantly, is the other borrowed riff that kicks this one off. The riff is the same exact one as Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit (no no no don't leave the website there is loads of good music here), which is disappointing for Nick and the boys (and girl) to use. From there it's more fertile territory and a touch of Guns N' Roses. There is some rocking happening here, but beware that hard rock is mixed with supposed modern riffery. The disc contains thirteen tracks, but the last two are alternate versions of Dead Weight and On Broken Wings the latter of which features more Metallica sadly. Still, get it for the good stuff like Guns of course." - Sheila Wes Det